Custom Face Masks with MERV 16 Filter


iPrint Kitchener

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Kitchener Screen Print's mask material is engineered using a patent-pending Nanofiber technology and is highly-efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses.

Our masks are made right here in Kitchener Ontario, fully sublimated (printed) with your own custom design. We offer 3 sizes - Childs, adult Med and Large

Outer Mask Material

They are made with 3 layers of protection.

Outside/Inside fabric

8.4 oz / 90% Poly, 10% Spandex

Contains wicking, moisture management that dries quickly, controls odor and promotes comfort.

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, low iron if necessary, non-chlorine bleach only. Do not use softener.

Inside filter 

The center layer material is engineered using patent-pending nanofiber technology and is highly efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses. Our mask material is constructed from polypropylene spunbound nonwoven with a nanofiber fine filtration layer and a surface layer of a polyester nonwoven.

* Polypropylene spunbound

* Polypropylene composite nanofiber

* Polyester composite fiber media

When compared, our face mask material far exceeds standard cloth and fabric material inefficiency percentage

* Polyester/Cotton Tights - 2.50%

* Polyester Dress Shirt - 2.50%

* Cotton Shirt - 9.30%

* Microfiber Dish Towel - 14.50%

* Our Face Mask Material - 95%


* Up to 95% efficient at 0.3 microns @ 5.33cm/sec face velocity

Results are the outcome of a single test on TSI 8130 -They are not guaranteed to represent all our mask material.

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